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  1. Counseling
    1. Initial/ intake Interview for the First Year – The first or preliminary one-on-one session with the counselor wherein they would discuss the family, peer group, hobbies, likes / dislikes, potential, etc.
    2. Direct Counseling – A direct session with the counselor wherein disclosure and processing takes place.
    3. Telephone Counseling – An indirect session with the counselor wherein a client discloses his/her concerns through the use of the second medium of communication. A series of follow-ups take place.
    4. Consultation – a direct walk-in conversation with the counselor that might lead to counseling.
    5. Exit Interview – Departing interview of Fourth year students when they need to undergo an assessment of the different SPCB units and its services. This is also a perfect venue for career counseling.
    6. Family / Teacher Conference - A group session with parents and/ or teachers touching the most sensitive issues of students involved.
  1. Testing - A series of psychological Tests used to assess and measure the intellectual capacity, interest and personality factors of each student, teacher, incoming First Year student, transferee and teacher – applicant.
  2. Research – A study pertaining to the socio-graphic profile of the First Year, Personality and behavioral dynamics and aptitude / interest of each level of students
  3. Career Orientation and Evaluation - A seminar wherein colleges and universities around Bulacan, Baguio City , Paranaque , Las Piñas, Manila , Tagaytay, Cavite City , and Quezon City are invited to market their respective schools.
  4. Training Seminar
    1. Student- Teacher Training Seminar – A seminar – workshop type whose content is based on the results of needs assessment on self, family, work, relationships, spiritual and peer counseling, etc.
    2. Student- Counselor – A live-in seminar-workshop touching the deepest side of the “self”, friendship, nature of counseling and consultation, and its basic approach.
  5. School Campaign – An open invitation and marketing to all the grade school Counselors and students. This is to make them aware and to understand the system of SPCB in terms of facilities and the different services each office can offer.
  6. Orientation
    1. Student – parent Orientation – It aims to provide a venue for discussing the policies and services of the different units of the school.
    2. Classroom Orientation – To properly inform the students regarding the vital role of each level Guidance Counselor and the different services they may avail in the CCTA.
    3. RHGP Orientation Seminar- This is a group process intended to let the level Advisers be cognizant of the new Revitalized Homeroom Guidance Program workbook, mechanics, procedures, grading system and proper treatment of each student.
  7. Center for Counseling Testing and Admission Support Group
    1. Student- Counselor Group (SCG)- a group of students from First to Fourth year whose designation as student-counselor is decided during the classroom election. They are required to attend a series of activities, like orientation and team building seminar, community counseling, individual conference, monthly meeting, CCTA vigil, monthly growth session, off-campus interaction. After having accomplished and attended the aforementioned activities, they will be recognized and awarded as full-fledged Student Counselor.
    2. Requisition and Securing of Good Moral Character certificate (GMC)- Fourth Year students and those who are asked to transfer to another school request for a letter giving a student GMC. They need to pay at the Business Office and, after three (3) days, they are to secure it again at the Business Office. The three- day allotment was intended for the following reasons:
      1. Checking of CCTA personal profile.
      2. Checking of SWC Case –Record.
        If a student is found to have a con-current case, he/she is not given a letter of GMC but a certification is recommended.



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