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  1. The computer units are for academic purposes only and not to be treated as for personal use.
  2. The following are strictly prohibited and shall be dealt with accordingly:
    1. Downloading of games or other unauthorized software, including the installation of third party software
    2. Changing the default settings of the computer system like setting wallpapers, screensavers, and the like
    3. Playing of games, unless for academic purposes and is part of the lesson prepared by the computer teacher
    4. Changing, renaming, deleting, modifying, copying or duplicating another's work, or similar acts, on any files, especially the system and program files
    5. Hacking or similar acts of hacking
    6. Exchanging keys of keyboard, removing mouse balls, and doing other malicious mischief
    7. Navigating to internet sites other than those recommended by the teacher, especially sites that are generally classified as restricted, for adults only, and the like
    8. Any act of software or files vandalism
    9. Bringing in food or eating inside the laboratory
    10. Using diskettes not quarantined and authorized by the computer teacher
    11. Playing CD Audio, VCDs, MP3s, and the like not authorized by the teacher
    12. Any other inappropriate acts
  3. The hands-on privilege of anyone found out to have violated any of the Computer / Internet facilities policies will be suspended, depending on the mitigating circumstances. An Anecdotal record of the case will also be filed to the SWC Office for proper action.
  4. Setting of personal passwords must only be done through the computer teacher or the systems administrator.
  5. Anyone found out to have hacked or performed similar acts of hacking the computer system shall be charged with grave form of vandalism. Aside from suspension, the culprit will be asked to replace or restore back whatever has been damaged, or pay the equivalent amount including a surcharge of 10% of the total amount.
  6. The academic atmosphere must always be maintained.
  7. Never play with mouse or any other computer peripherals. Any destroyed or malfunctioning computer part or peripheral as a result of negligence, carelessness, abuse, and the like, will be replaced with exactly the same specifications by the user concerned.
  8. The use of the Internet facilities is for academic purposes. Anyone found out to have used the Internet for other purposes shall be dealt with accordingly.
  9. Any use of the Computer / Internet Facilities outside of schedule must be requested in writing addressed to the Computer Coordinator. The granting of permit may be denied depending on the nature and purpose of the request.
  10. Other rules may be imposed in the interest of safeguarding the computer / internet facilities of the school.



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