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Current Students

Routine Procedures
Offenses And Sanctions
Steps for Disciplinary Actions




The Homeroom Adviser handles routine disciplinary cases in the section and keeps the Year Level Coordinator informed. Minor offenses are dealt with by the Homeroom Adviser.

  1. Anyone who witnessed the commission of an offense is expected to immediately report or inform the proper school authorities. Initial investigation should commence immediately.
  2. The case is then forwarded to the SWC for investigation. The student concerned is given the opportunity to defend himself/herself from the accusations and to present evidence or witnesses to clear him /her.
  3. The SWC chairman convenes the Disciplinary Board composed of the following: Class Adviser, Year Level Coordinator, and other persons significant in to the case.
  4. The SWC chairman informs the Principal of the case and its recommended resolution.
  5. After the Principal has approved the sanction, the SWC Chairman summons the parents and the corresponding appropriate sanction is presented to them. The violation report is signed by the parent and the Principal.
  6. Sanction is implemented.



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