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    Drama Guild

    1. Description
    2. Formerly the English Club, the name of the organization was changed after selected members attended a week -long seminar –workshop on drama and theater. They were so inspired and motivated by the concept and activities during the training that they agreed to improve and enhance their acting skill through the Drama Guild itself.

    3. Objectives
      1. To enhance and improve acting skills and gain confidence in front of people.
      2. To share one's giftedness to the Paulinian community so they may be inspired to do the same.
      3. To strengthen teamwork, camaraderie and friendship among its members.
      4. To support co-curricular and extra- curricular school activities by sharing their skill, talent and time.

    4. Membership
    5. Any student who is interested to improve his/her skill in speaking, writing, acting and debating is encouraged to join.



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