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    The Glee Club

    1. Description
    2. The Glee Club spearheads all musical activities of the department to present music as an art to be encouraged so as to enrich the cultural, spiritual, and social objectives of the Paulinian education.

    3. Objectives
      1. To promote culture through the art of music.
      2. To foster creative expression through singing in the interpretation of native, foreign, and original music.
      3. To develop singing abilities of members.
      4. To represent the school in any musical, cultural and spiritual activities.
      5. To uplift the cultural and spiritual values of its members.
      6. To bring the Paulinians closer to God by active participation in religious activities
      7. To serve as good models and God's instrument of peace, nationalism, love, and spirituality.
      8. To bring honor and pride to SPCB through high level and excellent performances.

    4. Membership
    5. Students who have a musical ear and voice for music are encouraged to join the club. Members are chosen through audition conducted by the officers and the moderator. Those who qualify are placed on probation, after which they may or may not be accepted, depending on the attitude, participation and involvement in the activities of the club.



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