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SPCB System of Grading
Promotion and Retention
Guidelines in the Selection of Honor Students Under 2002 BEC
Computation of Grades




  1. In giving due recognition to students who have shown exemplary performance in their high school work, the following guidelines for the selection of honor students shall be followed.

  2. The following criteria and the corresponding relative weights shall be used in determining the honors for the non-graduating and graduating students.

  3. 2.1   Academic Excellence ( 7points )

    Academic excellence for non-graduating students shall be based on the general average of the cumulative ratings of the five learning areas in the curriculum year. In the case of graduating students, academic excellence shall be based on the general average of the grades in the last two curriculum years- the third and fourth year.

    The final grades should be completed before the last three weeks of the school year and should be based on the work done during the last grading period.

    2.2   Co-curricular activities ( 3 points )

    Performance in the co-curricular activities covers the achievements of the candidates in all activities (at school, division, regional, national, and international), active participation in authorized student organizations or clubs, outstanding awards in recognition of actualization of what had been learned from school, travels in relation to school work, and other civic activities.

    For the non-graduating students, the rating shall be based on the combined assessments of all the teachers of the candidate in the curriculum year. In the case of the graduating students, assessments of all the third and fourth year teachers of the candidates shall be the basis for rating.

  4. Any member of the non-graduating / graduating classes shall be a candidate for honors if he / she meets the following requirements:

  5. 3.1   He must not have a grade lower than 85% in any learning area in any grading period in the last two curriculum years as recorded in the students Forms 137 and 138-a.

    3.2   He must have done the entire work of the year level in the secondary school where he is a candidate for honors. Thus, a transferee in any grading period shall not be eligible for honors. In the case of the graduating student, he must have done the entire work of the last two curriculum years in the school where he is graduating.

    3.3   He must have completed the curriculum year within the prescribed length in years, i.e., four years. If because of unavoidable circumstances such as illness, calamities, peace and order situation, and poverty the candidate was not able to complete the prescribed number of days / years, consideration will be given upon presentation of documentary proofs.

    3.4   He must be an active member of at least two authorized ( i.e. approved and sanctioned by the school ) organizations or clubs.

    3.5   He must have conducted himself in conformity with the school rules and regulations.

  6. The designation of valedictorian, salutatorian, and honorable mention shall apply to graduating honor students.

  7. The number of honor students to be declared honorable mention shall be no more than one percent (1 %) of the total graduating students. However, in case of a tie, this number may be increased.

  8. In case of a tie, both candidates may be declared valedictorians and / or salutatorians.

  9. Ranking of candidates for honors shall be based on the following weighted ranks computed as follows: (see computation of grades)




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