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: : HISTORY : :


St. Paul College of Bocaue in Bulacan is one of the educational institutions owned and administered by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres which is of French origin .

1932….. Founded by Rev. Elias Reyes, the parish priest of Bocaue, and named Annunciata Academy . The school was placed under the management of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit. It was housed in a building attached to the left side of the parish church which was built on church land.

1937….. The Augustinian Sisters took over the management of the school.

1941….. World War II reached the Philippines ; classes closed.

Japanese Occupation…The parish priest gave the management of the reopened school for five years to an active educator, Mr. Gregorio Ramirez who operated a high school renamed St. Martin Academy .

1945….. On June 12, the Sisters of St. Paul arrived in Bocaue. The pioneers were Sr. Albine du Sacre Coeur Garcia, Superior; Sr. Augustin de Jesus Roxas as Principal; Sisters Maria Esperanza Oben, Sr. Julie Pierre Mapanao, Sr. Marie Gertrude Mandia, Sr. Pierre de Jesus Peña, Sr. Maria Consejo Gureb, and Sr. Angel Joseph Parayno , classroom teachers; Sr. Maria Josefa Grey, piano teacher ; Sr. Paz of the Sacred Heart Eco, cook ; Sr. Maria Remedios Docog, in charge of linen and Sr. Cayetana Pagulayan , laundry supervisor.

1945….. On July 2, the Sisters opened Kindergarten and Elementary classes for boys and girls. The school was renamed Bocaue Catholic School .

1946….. Recognition of the Kindergarten and Elementary Courses was granted on August 10 by the Bureau of Education.

1947….. Mr. Gregorio Ramirez gave up his school to the Sisters. The merged establish school was named St. Paul College of Bocaue.

1950….. On February 2, the Bureau of Education granted recognition to the Secondary Course which was attended by both girls and boys.

1956….. Sr. Joseph de Jesus de Ocampo, SPC became Superior ; the school copped first place in Bulacan and 19 th place in the whole country in the first National Examination for Seniors. A one-storey building was constructed and the school campus was cemented.

1957….. Boys in the High School department were dismissed to give more rooms for the girls.

1963….. Sr. Mary Robert Orquiola became Superior . A wall with two gates was constructed to keep the children safe.

1966….. On July 2, Sr. Mary Gonzague Makiling succeeded Sr. Mary Robert Orquiola as Superior and Principal.

1969….. A concrete administrative building with dormitory was built. High school boys were re-admitted. Third and FourthYear Paulinians joined the CCD. Students under Sr. Felicisima Paala started teaching catechism in the public school. The Sisters opened Kindergarten classes in Sta. Maria with Sr. Marie Gertrude Jamias and Sr. Josefa de Jesus Lasala.

1970….. December

SPC Silver jubilee

1973….. On February 22, Sr. Domitilla Nañola Rosario was duly appointed Superior of the Bocaue community; Construction of the Grade School H.E. Building was completed.

1976….. A one story building was constructed by High School Principal Sr. Maurice du Sacre-Coeur Paz on a piece of land outside the SPCB gate. The High School Office and high school classes occupied the building after the blessing.

1980….. SPCB Coral jubilee; The High School Building was renovated to house the High School Department in its three floors when Sr. Caritas de St. Paul Sevilla came to Bocaue.

1982….. A two story building was constructed for the Grade School Department.

1985….. SPCB Ruby jubilee

1986….. Sr. Mary Edith Lapid took over as Superior and Sr. Maria Milagros Amos as Directress and High School Principal. The School Organ was revived; Math, Science and Guidance Clubs were organized.

1987….. Computer as a subject was introduced; an inter-class songfest was held for the first time.

1989….. The Paulinian Family Circle, the parent-teacher association of SPCB, was formally organized.

1991….. On March 4, the ground breaking for the new building in the new site in Turo was held. Bishop Cirilo Almario, D.D. of the Diocese of Malolos, Bulacan officiated during the cornerstone ceremonies .

1992….. July

The High School Department's Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes transferred to the new SPCB Igulot Site.

1993….. April

The new building was blessed by Bishop Cirilo Almario, D.D. The fencing of the whole campus, the construction of the open canteen, the construction of the guard house and the basketball court were realized.

1994….. A stage partly financed by Pepsi Cola Bottling Corporation was constructed in the Igulot Site. The concretization of the road also commenced during the summer months.

1995….. On July 2, SPCB celebrated its Golden Jubilee .

1996-1999….. Sr. Mary Edwardine Columbano, replaced Sr. Milagros as Directress and High School Principal. Construction of the Audi-gym, expansion of the library and fencing of the quadrangle were completed.

1999-2001…. Sr. Marie Celine Santos, the new Directress and High School Principal completed Our Lady of Chartres Building . The construction of the canteen for the high school students was started.

2002….. Sr. Estela Eugenia Sebastian was appointed Directress and High School Principal. The high school canteen was completed.



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