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    High School Board of Students

    1. Description
    2. The HSBS, the core group of leaders of the student body, has been organized primarily to promote and maintain mutual trust and respect among members of the high school community. It acts as a “steering” body and liaison:
      1. between students and teachers.
      2. between students and the administration.
      3. among students.

    3. Objectives:
    4. For Student Service
      1. To maintain academic and co-curricular excellence.
      2. To strengthen student unity.
      3. To promote better and sound relationship between students and faculty, between students and the administration, and among students themselves.
      4. To inspire and safeguard all student welfare and academic freedom.
      5. To insure protection of student rights
      6. To encourage and enhance positive student leadership and responsibility.
      7. To coordinate high school participation in inter-school affairs.

      For Student Discipline
      1. To uphold and promote the school's philosophy, objectives, policies and regulations.
      2. To legislate and implement policies on matters affecting student conduct.

    5. Membership
    6. The HSBS is composed of core officers, the nominees coming from all class officers, judiciously screened by the Administration and Faculty, then elected by the student body.



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