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I.  Objectives

           1.     To acquire books and other library materials to support and reinforce the
                   curriculum to meet the needs, abilities and interest of the library users.
           2.     To encourage students to develop a healthy library habit of reading studying and
                   researching for their intellectual development.
           3.     To guide students in the effective and efficient use of the library and library
           4.     To work cooperatively with administrators, teachers, and other school

II. Library Hours

          Monday – Friday                           7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

          Saturday                                        8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

III. General Rules

           1.     Deposit bags, envelopes, folders, and other things which are not needed for
                   research at the open locker outside the library. Have things checked at the
                   counter before leaving the library.
           2.     No Library Card, No Entry.
           3.     Fill up the user's attendance statistics in each section for record purposes.
           4.     Observe SILENCE at all times inside the library. A student who is continuously
                   talking may be sent out of the library upon disregard of previous warning from
                   the librarian.
           5.     Keep the library clean. Eating, sleeping, littering, talking, and discussing are not
                   allowed in the library.
           6.     Practice courtesy in the library especially when borrowing and / or returning
                   books and other materials.
           7.     Handle books and other library materials with care. All books and other
                   materials used must be returned properly to their respective shelves. The
                   arrangement is according to the Dewey Decimal Classification.
           8.     Examine books and other materials carefully before borrowing them. Mutilating,
                   cutting, clipping, or marking any library material or property is subject to
                   disciplinary action. Report to the librarian any discovery of vandalism.
           9.     Keep things in order. Push chairs in quietly before leaving the library.
           10.  Return properly all books and library materials borrowed. Settle accounts for all
                   lost and damaged books. Borrowing books for outside use is not allowed after
                   submission of clearance.
           11.  Surrender borrower's card at the end of the school year for the signing of
           12.  Books returned with missing pages or torn pages will be the responsibility of the
                   last borrower.

IV. Borrower's Card

           1.     Every student will be given a borrower's card at the start of the school year for
                   P5.00. The student must attach a recent I.D. picture on the borrower's card. The
                   librarian must duly sign the borrower's card.
           2.     In case card is lost, a fee of P10.00 will be charged for replacement of lost card,
                   after submitting a letter of request noted by the class adviser. For filled up cards,
                   the student can avail of another card for P5.00.
           3.     The Borrower's Card is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Lending, borrowing, or using the
                   borrower's card of another is subject to disciplinary action.
           4.     Students are requested to present their borrower's card every time they enter the

V. Borrowing Privileges and Policies

           1.     All general references such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs,
                   and other materials in the reference and periodical sections like magazines,
                   periodicals, newspapers, and vertical files are only for use in the library. These
                   are to be read only within the library.
           2.     Fiction books may be borrowed for a week.
           3.     Bibles and textbooks may be borrowed before the subject period and must be
                   returned after an hour.
           4.     Reserved books may be borrowed for overnight use only from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00
                   a.m. the following day.
           5.     All borrowed books may be renewed if not in demand.
           6.     Students may borrow three books at a time: two non-fiction book and one fiction
                   book. Borrowing starts at 12:00 noon , books are due the following day not later
                   than 12:00 noon .
           7.     Any Paulinian Library Club member who renders services in the library will be
                   given the privilege to borrow four books at a time: two non –fiction and two fiction.

VI. Fines, Overdue, and Lost Books

           1.     A fine of P2:00 a day shall be imposed for each overdue fiction book, vacation
                   days included.
           2.     A fine of P4:00 a day shall be imposed for each overdue non-fiction book,
                   vacation days included
           3.     A fine of P1:00 per hour shall be imposed for overdue reserved books.
           4.     A fine of P1:00 per hour shall be imposed for overdue Bibles and textbooks.
           5.     The computation of fines for overdue books is from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p. m.
           6.     A fee of P20:00 will be charged to students who lost their borrower's card at the
                   end of the school year.
           7.     Any book or other materials lost or damaged must be replaced with the same or
                   similar material or paid the full price of the book plus a processing fee of
                   P50:00, not later than two weeks after the librarian had been notified of the case.
                   Pending payments will result to withdrawal of library privileges.



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