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Role of the Instructional Media Center

The principles of audio-visual education are based on the concept that Modern media of communication can help faculty and students develop desirable attitudes and ideas to an extent that would not be possible without the use of modern technological/ instructional devices.

The role of the IMC, however, shall not only be limited to classroom service alone, but shall also answer to the need of the school for the use of audio-visual facilities. Thus, the IMC, in one way or another, endeavors to help SPCB realize its objectives.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Reservations are made at the IMC office one week before the scheduled date of the activity.
  3. The reservation slip must be filled out completely and the number of participants in the said activity are indicated.
  5. Specific equipments needed must be indicated in the reservation slip.
  7. Notice of postponement or cancellation should be forwarded to the IMC office.
  9. The facility and equipments must be cleaned and checked by the IMC personnel before and after each activity.
  11. The faculty in charge or the adviser / subject teacher shall be personally and responsibly present in the premises throughout the activity.




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