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St. Paul College of Bocaue is committed to the formation of a self-directed Filipino who finds fulfillment in intelligent followership and responsible leadership in carrying out duties to God, country, family, and fellowmen.



A CHRISTIAN who can integrate religious, cultural and professional knowledge in life , and respond to the need for total salvation from the prevailing materialism, unjust structures and apathy; a CHRISTIAN who has sufficient understanding of the teachings of Christ, and who participates in the missions of salvation, given by the Father to the Son and carried on by the Holy Spirit working in the Church, by word, work and life, especially in day-to-day relationship with God and men.



A PERSON who believes in the dignity of self and others, who strives to discover and develop capacities and abilities to the full service of God and neighbor, appreciative of the finer and nobler things in life giving Christian values primary importance.



A MAN OR A WOMAN academically prepared, professionally skilled, disciplined, and imbued with moral and spiritual strength, who can fulfill various responsibilities, especially in the home, thus contributing to the moral, social, cultural, and economic development of the family, and the community.



A SELF-DIRECTED FILIPINO who is proud of national identity and culture, who is reflective, concerned and committed to human development for Christian Community and nation building, and who participates unselfishly in the service of others, especially the most deprived in the community.



A PAULINIAN who, with St. Paul, the Apostle as the ideal, opens the heart to the spirit of Love, enables growth in the likeness of Jesus Christ and in Him seeks in all endeavors the will of the Father, and, so rooted in this Trinitarian Life, radiates joy, warmth, and simplicity of life which manifest the presence of Christ in all places.




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