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Current Students

Routine Procedures
Offenses And Sanctions
Steps for Disciplinary Actions




  1. Minor offenses
    1. Not wearing the school uniform properly.

    2. The following are considered improper:
      Blouse: rolled or pulled sleeves
                      No sando or chemise
      Polo shirt:     without patch
                              open polo
                              T-shirt longer than the polo
                              ¾ - sleeves
                              T-shirt not tucked
                              wearing printed T-shirt
      Skirt:     too long ( more than 5cm. below the knee cap)
                    rolled up ( to shorten )
      Pants :     wearing unprescribed pants
                        low waist
      Identification Card: not displayed properly, tampered
      Shoes and socks: wearing shoes and socks other than
      those prescribed.
    3. Yelling, boisterous laughter in the classroom, the canteen, or along the corridors.
    4. Tardiness after recess or lunch break
    5. Unnecessary writing on the board
    6. Going out during class hours without permission
    7. Loitering
    8. Littering
    9. Bringing things that cause disturbance of classes
    10. Escaping from cleaning responsibility
    11. Swapping of ID card

    Sanctions for Minor Offenses:
          1 st offense - oral reprimand
          2 nd offense - warning notice
          3 rd offense - deduction from the conduct grade
  1. Major Offenses and their sanctions

  2.          2.1   70 % in conduct for the following moderately grave offenses:

                           2.1.1   Forging signatures on letters, report cards, or tampering with
                           2.1.2   Minor forms of cheating in quizzes, periodic test, projects.
                           2.1.3   Cutting classes (missing one or two subjects without
                                       permission; student is inside the campus)
                           2.1.4   Truancy ( missing classes without permission from parents
                                       and school authorities; student is outside the campus )
                           2.1.5   Dishonesty or misleading statements or information during an
                           2.1.6   Fighting in any form or inducing others to fight.
                           2.1.7   Use of profane language.
                           2.1.8   Possessing cigarettes.
                           2.1.9   Possessing gambling materials.
                           2.1.10   Vandalism, which includes writing and scratching chairs,
                                          tables, walls
                           2.1.11   Possessing alcoholic drinks.

             2.2   Suspension with 70% in conduct for the following grave offenses:

                           2.2.1   Gambling in any form / betting in sports events inside or outside
                                       of the school campus.
                           2.2.2   Smoking inside or outside of the school campus
                           2.2.3   Drinking alcoholic beverages inside or outside of the school
                           2.2.4   Gross forms of cheating.
                           2.2.5   Repeated truancy
                           2.2.6   Repeated cutting classes.
                           2.2.7   Disrespect to Authorities, faculty, Staff, Maintenance and
                                       Security personnel.
                           2.2.8   Possessing, disseminating or showing pornographic
                           2.2.9   Major forms of vandalism, like deliberate destruction of chairs,
                                       tables, toilet bowls, doors, and manipulating alarms.
                           2.2.10   Illegal collection or solicitation of money, checks or other
                                          instruments used as equivalent of money.
                           2.2.11   Stealing or shoplifting
                           2.2.12   Repeated fighting
                           2.2.13   Insubordination or influencing others to insubordination
                           2.2.14   Coming to school under the influence of alcohol
                           2.2.15   Petting, necking
                           2.2.16   Carrying deadly weapon

             2.3   Dropping out from the enrollment list for the following extremely grave

                           2.3.1   Receiving two disciplinary probation sanctions.
                           2.3.2   Willful stoppage of classes.
                           2.3.3   Possession / use of firearms and explosives and threatening
                                       others with them.
                           2.3.4   Use of deadly weapon to inflict harm.
                           2.3.5   Immoral conduct, which includes pre-marital sex, eloping,
                                       incest, and exhibition.
                           2.3.6   Possessing, passing, pushing or using prohibited or
                                       dangerous drugs in or out of the school campus.
                           2.3.7   Threatening or preventing students, Faculty, members,
                                       personnel, or members of the administration from discharging
                                       their duties , attending classes , or entering the school
                           2.3.8   Organizing or membership in fraternities, sororities, pseudo
                                       fraternities, gangs or other organizations deemed contrary to
                                       SPCB's ideals and aspirations in the pursuit of quality Christian
                           2.3.9   Leading or participating in rallies, demonstrations, assemblies,
                                       strikes or other forms of radical expression of opinions or
                                       grievances against students, faculty members, the
                                       administration, or school policies.
                           2.3.10   Gross disrespect to students, student leaders, or school
                                          authorities, especially during the exercise of their official
                           2.3.11   Abortion.
                           2.3.12   Possessing, sneaking in, or bringing unauthorized
                                          firecrackers and other forms of explosives.
  1. Any student, faculty member, or personnel or concerned persons may report to the Office of the Student Welfare Chairman violations of the school rules and regulations. The report may or may not be accompanied by written, anecdotal record of the offense.
  2. Students with reported violations of school rules and regulations may be summoned any time by the OSWC. Witnesses or other persons involved may also be summoned for further investigation or gathering of data. Written affidavits may be asked for proper documentation.
  3. All materials deemed supportive of the commission of an offense shall be confiscated including the confiscation of deadly weapons. The Administration or the OSWC reserves the right to their disposal.
  4. Parent/s or guardian/s may or may not be called to the OSWC. The presence of parent/s or guardian/s depends on the gravity of the offense of the child.
  5. All pertinent records concerning student discipline shall only be kept in the Office of the Student Welfare Chairman.
  6. Non-compliance of the student, parent/s or guardian/s with the sanctions imposed may subject the concerned student to withdrawal or transfer.
  7. Habitual disregard of school rules and regulations in spite of official notices to the student or the parent/s or guardian/s, whether expressed or implied, written or verbal, may subject the student to withdrawal from school. The Administration reserves the right to itself final authority in requiring the withdrawal of any student who fails to meet his/her obligation in scholarship and conduct, or whose influence is for any reason, considered harmful to others.
  8. Any student recommended for transfer due to disciplinary cases but reconsidered shall be subjected immediately to disciplinary probation. In the event that he /she commits even one major offense, the student shall be subjected to outright dismissal from school.
  9. There shall be assigned section beadles who shall regularly check and report the attendance of the students to the subject teachers, advisers, year level coordinators, and the SWC.
  10. Habitual irregular attendance is sufficient reason for the Administration to request the student to transfer to another school.
  11. Students are discouraged from bringing cellular phones; however, in cases of emergency, they may bring them provided they deposit the phone at the OSWC after the Flag and Religious Ceremonies and take them back after dismissal time. If they fail to do so, teachers may confiscate these phones and give them to their parents. If the phone is confiscated for the second time, it will only be returned after three months ;or for immediate return, the student will pay a fine of P500. If it will be confiscated for the third time, it will only be returned after five months; or for immediate return, the student will pay P1, 000. If it will still be confiscated for the fourth time and beyond, it will only be returned in March.
  12. The school follows the PAGASA advisories in terms of the suspension of classes in case of inclement weather disturbances. Signal no. 1, pre-school and elementary classes are called off. Signal no. 2, elementary and secondary classes are suspended. Signal no. 3 and above, classes are called off in all levels. The school also follows local government memoranda on the suspension of classes.
  13. These School rules and Regulations on Student Discipline shall take effect immediately upon publication and distribution and supersede all previous rules and regulations on student discipline.



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