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    The Paulinian Library Club

    1. Description
    2. The PLC boosts the development of students' academic, cultural, social as well as spiritual development through the love of books. Aside from holding book fairs, the Club plans activities that inculcate good reading habits.

    3. Objectives:
      1. To provide an avenue for students to discover and use their organization and leadership potentials.
      2. To heighten the students' interest for books and other library materials.
      3. To involve the students in the different library programs.
      4. To train students to assist in some library works.
      5. To acquaint the students with the features of the library and the rules and regulations governing it; and
      6. To involve the students in the selection and acquisition of library materials.

    4. Membership
    5. Students who are interested to join become permanent members after they have passed the qualifying interview.



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