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    Public Relations Unit

    1. Description
    2. The Public Relations Unit aims to form a group that would take the responsibility of being front-liners in most school activities and hopes to produce active and well-rounded students who are both personable and responsible.

    3. Objectives
      1. To form a group of Ushers and Usherettes who shall be assigned to man registration tables, usher in guests, answer queries and maintain order during school activities such as assemblies, PFC gatherings, and other school functions.
      2. To develop personality and improve self-confidence of its members.
      3. To teach the values of generosity and responsibility.
      4. To accommodate requests from outside the school to participate in various activities to represent SPCB.
      5. To train students on how to deal with people and at the same time enhance their communication skills.

    4. Membership
    5. Students who are interested to improve their personality and at the same time be of service to their fellowmen are encouraged to join.



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