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Current Students

Routine Procedures
Offenses And Sanctions
Steps for Disciplinary Actions




1. The School Uniform

      1.1  The school uniform is worn with simplicity and dignity. For girls, it consists of a
              blouse and a skirt and is complete with the school ID, black leather shoes and
              white socks. For boys, it consists of a white Chinese collared polo shirt, white
              T-shirt without any print, and dark blue pants. It is complete with the school ID,
              black shoes and white socks.

      1.2  The following may not be worn with the uniform:

              a.  insignias of other schools

              b.  objects of undesirable sight and sound (like bells, stickers, buttons, beads, etc.)

              c.  flashy jewelry, fashion accessories, anklets

              d.  clogs, rubber shoes, slippers and sandals

2. Attendance

      2.1  Punctuality and regular attendance of classes and school functions are expected of
              all Paulinians, starting with the daily flag ceremony.

      2.2  When the student anticipates inability to attend classes due to valid reasons, the
              school is to be notified immediately, either by letter or telephone.

      2.3  Following the rules of the Department of Education, every student is required to
              attend no less than 80% of school days; 20% of school days is deemed more than
              sufficient to take care of any personal or family emergency. Any student who
              accumulates more than the maximum number of absences tolerated in a given
              school year, whether excused or not, is disqualified from earning any credit and
              may be dropped from the enrollment list.

      2.4  Fifteen (15) continuous days of unexcused absence will bar the student from
              attending classes for the rest of the school year.

      2.5  The student is responsible for assignments given during his/her absence.

      2.6  Habitual irregular attendance is sufficient reason for the school to recommend the
              student to transfer to another school.

      2.7  Any student who has been absent from class will not be admitted in the room
              without an excuse letter handwritten and signed by the parents.

              In case of absence for one week or more due to illness, a medical certificate
              signed by the attending physician must accompany the excuse letter. The student
              is then issued an admission slip by the Student Welfare Committee chairman to
              be given to the classroom teacher. In the absence of a medical certificate, parents
              must accompany the student to school.

3. The School ID

      3.1  The school ID should be worn daily with the school uniform.

      3.2  It should not be tampered with.

      3.3  In case it is lost, the student is given a maximum of three days to secure a new one
              from the SWC office.

              Procedure for securing a new ID-

                          1.  Write a letter addressed to the SWC chairman requesting for a new ID.

                          2.  Secure the signatures of the following persons on the letter:

                                a.  Parent

                                b.  Class Adviser

                                c.  Year level coordinator

                                d.  SWC chairman

                          3.  Present the letter and pay fifty pesos ( P50 ) at the Business Office.

                          4.  Present the receipt and the ID card to the HS secretary for Principal's

                          5.  Bring the ID to the SWC office for lamination.

                          6.  Claim the ID from the SWC office.

4. Tardy Slip

      4.1  A student is considered late after the flag and religious ceremonies have started.

      4.2  A tardy slip is secured if the student comes after the flag and religious ceremonies.

5. Other Rules and Regulations

      5.1  Bulletin boards are used only for publication of official notices. Students may not
              post any announcement without obtaining permission from the Chairman of Clubs
              and Activities. Outdated announcements must be removed from the board.

      5.2  Any announcement not related to school activities should not be posted. Posters,
              streamers, or other forms of announcement may not be circulated or posted
              without permission from concerned authorities.

      5.3  To ensure order and discipline in the campus, high school students may stay only
              in the areas designated to them.

      5.4  Visitors of any student are received at the Principal's office. The student may be
              notified about the visitor.

      5.5  The paging system may not be used without due permission. Any announcement
              must be written down and shown to proper authorities for approval.

6. Classroom

      6.1  For maintenance of order, no student may write or erase official announcements on
              classroom boards without permission.

      6.2  Any property of the school used by the student must be handled with care. Any
              damage resulting from negligence or willful actions must be paid for by the student
              concerned. Students leave their school materials and chairs in order whenever
              they leave their classroom.

      6.3  Every student is expected to have personal textbooks and school materials.

      6.4  Assignments, researches and reports are to be undertaken independently.

      6.5  When the teacher is late or absent for the class, the students remain quietly in their
              seats, and study their lessons; the class academic chairman informs the office of
              the absence of the teacher.

      6.6  Serious forms of misdemeanor must be immediately reported by the class officers
              to the class adviser for disciplinary action.

      6.7  Every student is given the opportunity to contribute to class welfare through the
              weekly assignments, like looking after the teacher's table, seeing that the
              blackboards are at all times ready for use, cleaning the classrooms, etc. Far from
              considering those tasks distasteful and humiliating, the maturing students regard
              them as privileges and opportunities for growth and responsibility.

      6.8  Courtesy is expected of each student at all times.

      6.9  Every student is expected to keep the classroom clean and orderly.



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