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Our school motto is Caritas Christi urget nos, “The charity of Christ impels us.” This thought has fired the Zeal of countless Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to cross vast lands and seas to establish St. Paul education institutions all over the world.

Our school colors are green and gold: green, for the hope that springs eternal, for the harvest fields that await the action of the laborer, the missionary, which we all are by the reception of Baptism; gold, for the honor and glory of God, the well-spring of the charity of Christ, which should be the stimulus and the goal of all we think, say and do. Together, they remind us of Our Lord's summary of the law; love of God and love of neighbor as ourselves.

Spcb Seal

Our school seal bears a shield with tricolor background – red, white and blue. These are the colors of the flag of France , birthplace of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, and of the Philippines , the land of our birth and our people. The red portion is a call to courage, to sacrifice, to the tranquil daring that should accompany every Paulinian in the daily battle of life. The white is a reminder of the purity and simplicity of heart that should be ours in the daily struggle to know and accomplish the holy will of God. The blue portion recalls the Paulinian's quest for justice and peace among men and the devotion to Our Lady, Mother of God and Mother of us all.

Within the shield, the lamp of good example, with its flame burning high, bids us shine in the world by our endeavors to be a witness to the faith and the following of Christ. The books signify the pursuit of the knowledge we need to proclaim the Good News to all, wherever God calls us to be, in the manner that He wants it done.

The shield rests on a crossed palm leaf and a sword, signifying the palm of martyrdom that St. Paul , our patron, won when he was beheaded outside Rome . This is to remind us that, like our patron, we are called to martyrdom – perhaps not the wet martyrdom that special times and occasions may call for, but certainly the dry martyrdom of living each day the acceptance and endurance of the suffering that is our share of Christ's cross, while we await the time of His coming to bring us to eternal life.



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