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Current Students



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    B. Social
             These activities are intended to train the students to act properly in the company of others on various occasions, to make use of their leisure hours profitably and to show them how enriching the personhood and company of others can be.


    1. Orientation
    2. Talent show and Acquaintance Party for Freshmen and new students
    3. School programs and presentations including plays and concerts.
    4. Field day activities
    5. Christmas parties
    6. Intramurals

    C. Academic and Cultural
             These activities are supplements of classroom activities. They are intended to expand the intellectual / cultural horizon of the students by taking them into the wider field of reality outside.


    1. Convocations and assemblies
    2. Academic contests (Essay writing, Extemporaneous speech, Math, Songfest, Dramafest, Science quiz )
    3. Field trips
    4. Symposia
    5. Seminars/ Workshop
    6. Exhibits ( Science, Practical Arts, Mathematics, Computer, Children of Mary)



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