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Current Students

High School Board of Students
Student Catholic Action
Children of Mary
Glee Club
Salamin ng Lahi Dance Troupe
Science Club
Drama Guild
Mathematics Club
Arts Club
Paulinian Library Club
The Pauliteen
Public Relations Unit
Sports Club
Homemakers' Club




    Sports Club

    1. Description
    2. The Sports Club envisions students to develop their personality through physical exertion for recreation.

    3. Objectives
      1. To teach students not only to play games but also to be able to enhance their skills.
      2. To establish good relationship with others
      3. To enhance skills and talents of individuals
      4. To develop sportsmanship.

    4. Membership
    5. Anybody who is interested in sports may join by submitting his/her name to the club officers or to the moderator.



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