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    The Pauliteen

    1. Description
    2. Cognizant of the fact that the print medium has the greatest potential in serving the basic needs of students, both temporal and spiritual, the Pauliteen, The official Organ of the High School Department has been put up. It has become a necessary tool to support and promote the school's mission statement and scholastic standards. More importantly it has served as an effective vehicle for the students' creative writing abilities as well as a medium to help students develop analytical thinking and sound judgment.

    3. Objectives
    4. Every member and contributor of the Pauliteen is expected to:
      1. Strive by his/ her writing to the total formation of every Paulinian in the image of Christ through the harmonious and fruitful integration of culture, knowledge and fruitful integration of culture, knowledge and faith.
      2. Write the truth sincerely.
      3. Exercise his/ her right to freedom of expression on the bases of decency and fair play.

    5. Membership
    6. All staff members are students of the High School Department of St. Paul College of Bocaue, who after taking the qualifying examinations, will have been found qualified to join. To qualify for placement exams, the lowest final grade in Communication Arts of the candidate must not be lower than 80%.



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